Spectrum release more teasers for comeback, including track list

Posted by Lindsay on

Rookie boy group Spectrum has just released new teaser images and their track listfor their upcoming comeback. They will be making their comeback on November 4th with their second mini album ‘Timeless Moment‘. This is their first comeback since they made their debut on May 10th this year. They also announced that their comeback showcased will take place on the same day as their comeback.


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K-Exclusive: MFBTY and Junoflo Are a Real Family in Sydney Show

Posted by Liam Luangrathrajasombat on

To say that legendary Korean rappers Bizzy, Tiger JK and Yoonmirae have been around for a long time is an understatement. From the early 2010’s, the trio officially dubbed themselves MFBTY, which stands for ‘My Fans (are) Better Than Yours.’ What started as a joke has become a legacy for the de-facto family of three and their ever-expanding label, Feel Ghood Music (FGM).

Big Top Sydney Luna Park...

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N.Flying are ‘Like a Flower’ in new MV teaser!

Posted by Shyuen on

N.Flying are coming back in just two days! Shortly after dropping image and stage teasers, the rock band have released an MV teaser for ‘Like a Flower!’

‘Like a Flower’ is the first track in their new year-long project, ‘Fly High Project.‘ Aimed at promoting to a wider audience, the band will hold concerts and release new music every two months, and will also go busking. Check out the MV teaser...

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EXO announces album packaging details for ‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’

Posted by Janelle on

SM Entertainment announced the album packaging details for EXO‘s new album ‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’.


‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo’ will have three versions, which are called ‘Allegro‘, ‘Moderato‘ and ‘Andante‘. There will be different images for different versions.

For the posters, there will be three kinds of posters for the different versions. There will also be three versions of photo...

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Stray Kids show off their group dynamic in ‘I am YOU’ dance practice

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Stray Kids has just released the full cam version dance practice for ‘I am YOU‘. They made their comeback on October 22nd with an MV for title track ‘I am YOU‘ and the release of their third mini album with the same name.

Check out the dance practice below:

The group display their eye-catching choreography in this dance practice video. Their choreography is expressive, and it goes well with the...

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