[Cyworld] MBLAQ is on Cyworld Minihompies.

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MBlaq announced yesterday the opening of their respective Cyworld minihomepage. And they are happy!
Check out the video below!

cr: oXoMBLAQoXo

They already posted recent pictures of them.

Leader SeungHo

MBlaq Jackpot! (pronounce Mblaq Daebaq) This is a picture of my new head!

Hot Lee Joon

Hello,This is Joon from MBlaq.We'll try to upload more pictures.Please enjoy a lot Oh Yeah.Fighting!

Cute CheongDung

Are you going to love us more? ㅠ_ㅠ haha I'm gonna work hard!

Handsome G.O


Naughty Mir

Self Cam * Phone Rocks! I will work hard! t/n: on the 1st page, he also wrote: Mblaq Daegaq

translation/credits: Kenoa@mblaqattack
Thanks to Linh who helped to share.


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