[INTERVIEW] Secret's Jieun(5): Finding out who you are

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Continuing from Part 4

Now a JYP trainee, Jieun felt more awkward than happy to train as part of a team. Being used to practicing alone, just the idea of a team felt awkward for her.

“I was so used to being by myself. Just the fact that I was a part of a team was weird for me. I think I spent about 11 months as a JYP trainee. I really worked hard with no regrets.”

However, Jieun ended up participating in Untouchable's featuring project which led to her signing a contract with TS Entertainment and officially beginning her preparations to become a singer. The reason was simple. She was thankful to the company that was always there to lend a ear and listen to her music.

At the end of a long journey, Jieun debuted with the group called Secret, but her struggles did not end there.

“In the beginning(after debuting), Hana(Zinger) and I worried a lot because we didn't have a sense of identity.(laughs) I found myself doubting myself often. At first, I never initiated conversation with anyone at the broadcasting studios. Their curious stares were too intimidating for me.”

Because of this, Jieun found herself desiring the leader position. But it didn't take long for her to realize that that was not what was best.

“At first I really wanted to be the leader, but once we started living together as a team, I realized that it wasn't something I could do just because I wanted to. I naturally learned to not get too greedy.(laughs) I think Hyosung Unnie is the best as a leader.(laughs)”

When Sunwha became a cast member in “Invincible Youth” and began gaining popularity, Jieun had a desire to appear on variety shows as well. “But variety shows are the most difficult,” she said.

“People around me told me that I should try going on variety programs too. But once I actually did, I realized it really wasn't what I wanted to do. I froze and couldn't speak properly. After that, I realized that Sunhwa is really the best on variety shows.(laughs)”

Always thankful to the girl that led the way in making Secret's name known, Jieun told us, “Secret is the best!” With those words, she showed just how much love she has for her team.

Source: Asia E (5)
Credits: dunlop09 @ secretfour

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