[NEWS] 4minute to come back in February!

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The performance queens' comeback has been pushed back to February.

After it was known that girl group 4minute would make their comeback this month, there were high expectations. 4minute's comeback has been rescheduled for February. A company official told OSEN on the 17th, "The comeback which was originally scheduled for January is running slightly late and is now expected to be in the middle of February. It is now set for February and [4minute] is currently working hard to prepare."

4minute is currently known as the girl group with the most powerful and charismatic performances. Every one of their comebacks have offered unique music and style along with bold choreography. Last year, their "Mirror Mirror" performances firmly set their status among the large number of girl groups.

The members are also individually participating in a variety of activities, making 4minute even more worthy. Hyunah's solo title "Bubble Pop" was in the spotlight all over the world, and she was also a big hit in the unit Trouble Maker with BEAST's Hyunseung. Meanwhile, Jiyoon showed off her skills in refreshing yet powerful performances on KBS's "Immortal Song 2" and Jihyun started to act in MBC's "A Thousand Kisses" drama.

At the moment, everyone is interested in what kind of comeback these girls will have and their phrase "we want to be the 'only' instead of the 'best'" surely gives a forewarning.

Source: Nate
Translated by: Chris@4-minute.com
Thanks to: kaori.@4-minute.com

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