[News] After School's Bekah Reassures Fans That So Young is Fine

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Fans from all over the world have been worried about After School's So Young, who has been missing from After School's events and appearances for the past month. However, After School's fierce rapper Bekah reassures fans that So Young is going to be fine.

Pledis Entertainment, the company managing After School, stated that So Young was given time off to deal with personal matters. Rumors have been circulating about what has happened to So Young, from a death in her family to her having health problems. Whatever the cause of So Young's absence, fans have been worried about So Young's well being.

A fan posted on fellow After School member Bekah's UFOTown a question about what is happening to So Young. For those who don't know, UFOTown is a website where fans can talk to their favorite celebrities by leaving them messages on their pages (sort of like Facebook). Bekah responded by saying: "Don't worry ~~ So Young unnie is going to be fine~~ :]. Thanks :]". This reassured many fans that So Young was still a part of the group and that she will be fine. Whatever the cause of So Young's absence, we hope for the best for So Young.

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