[News] BEAST, “The bitter taste of failure became the irony of fate”

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Leader Yoon Doo Joon (20) starred in Mnet’s “Hot Blood.”

“In 2007, just 3 months after being a trainee at JYP, I ended up starring [in Hot Blood]. Looking back, I was so cocky to point where now I think, “Why was I like that?” I didn’t have any sincere desire to succeed as a singer. I’m embarrassed.”

Jang Hyun Seung (20) starred in MTV’s “Big Bang” and experienced the bitter taste of failure, but eventually his failure became an opportunity to debut as BEAST.

“In 2004 when I was in 8th grade (tn: freshman in the States), I participated in YG auditions. I was eliminated in the 3rd round. I passed through the 1st and 2nd rounds, and they even called my parents in, so I thought “I’ll make it,” but surprise. I felt like it was such a waste, and I was frustrated, so I spontaneously went to see YG. Now that I think about it, it was a really bold move. (Laughs) Pres. Yang Hyun Suk saw how earnest I was and accepted me as a trainee.”

Jang Hyun Seung, who appeared on ‘Big Bang’ after 1 year and 4 months as a trainee, was jealous of Daesung, Top, and Seungri who were chosen to be in Big Bang after 6 months as trainees. But now a BEAST member, Hyunseung has matured.

“I believe it was all for the better. I called it the irony of fate and practiced and worked harder. My participation in ‘Big Bang’ was an important experience, and if it weren’t for that show, I wouldn’t be here. Before our ‘Inkigayo’ performance, I met Jiyong hyung (GD) for the first time in 3 years. He greeted me so warmly and treated me so well that I almost cried. You see, he was my closest hyung during my trainee days.”

Wearing a hat with an interesting design which he said he bought in Japan, Yang Yoseub’s (19) fist-sized face in particular is impressive. The jealousy of the members is impressive too.

“When we go back to our apartment, we’re all busy washing up and getting ready for bed, but Yoseub always goes somewhere. He buys cup ramen and comes in. We’re all afraid that our faces will swell so we’re restraining ourselves, but Yoseub makes slurping sounds and eats enthusiastically.” (Jun Hyung)

Yang Yoseub was a JYP trainee. But after receiving a bad grade from practice reviews, he left. “After that, I performed weekly in an Apgujeong club. At that time, stage experiences became my blood and skin. Ki Kwang and I are (상계 sorry didn't know how to say that in English >< basically means he's in debt to AJ) and former classmates, but because of him I was able to join BEAST. And I’m the one who called Hyunseung into BEAST. We met as dancers for a show performance team, and I had a good feeling about Hyunseung.”

Lee Ki Kwang (20) performed as AJ, the “Middle (School) High (School) Rookie.” Right now, he stars as Kang Sae Ho in MBC’s “High kick through the Roof” and is performing simultaneously as an actor and singer.

“When I debuted as AJ, I was very lonely. Standing on stage by myself was stressful, and being along during interviews was hard. Being a member of BEAST, I feel really supported and happy. The truth is, even when I was AJ, the members of BEAST helped out behind the stage. At that time, they were a big source of strength, but every day I thought about how I wanted to sing with them.”

Rapper Yong Jun Hyung (20) showed strong passion while making raps for the album’s songs. “While composing with hyungs, I tried writing my rap part myself. They said ‘Try it’ and gave me the opportunity, so I ended up partaking in the making of the album.”

Youngest Son Dong Woon (18) who is called “The Rising Power in Entertainment” by the other members is charming with a slightly blank look on his face. According the members’ ‘revelations’, he’s strong.

“Among all of us, he’s the best at foreign languages. He can speak English and Chinese.” (Yoseub)

“Dongwoon’s dad is a professor at Chungjoo University, and he personally left an encouraging message on our fan café.” (Jun Hyung)

The BEAST members’ eyes shine with ambition the desire to last for a long time. “We want to win the rookie award, and we always want to become a representative group like god or Shinhwa. We will work hard.”

Yang Ji Won reporter.

Credits to : Bestiz
Translated by illuminate.@soompi

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