[News] Fashion Model Hye Park praises Lee Hyori's beauty

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Top fashion model Hye Park, who had modeled for Teen Vogue in the US, recently revealed a photo taken with singer Lee Hyori.

On January 16th, Hye Park updated her website with the message, "Lee Hyori is so pretty. I can't take any more picture with her", along with some photos.

In the attached photos, Hye Park and Lee Hyori showed off their closeness while posing in a friendly manner. They both wearing light make up showing their natural beauties.

The other photo shows the two ladies hang around with fashion designer YoniP. All three are wearing casual clothes and seem enjoying the moment with each other.

Netizens commented, "Lee Hyori and Hye Park look so pretty", "Lee Hyori should also take modeling" and "I can’t believe Hye Park is married".

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