[News] Gary and Yang Hee Eun to narrate new Coca-Cola commercial

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Coca-Cola announced on Jan. 12 that Gary from the hip-hop duo Leessang and '70s folk singer Yang Hee-eun will narrate its new television commercials.

The two will work on the new campaign, which is called "For Everyone" and consists of three episodes. Yang will narrate the New Year and family episodes while the younger Gary will narrate the lovers' episode.

"We wanted to recruit singers with voices that could touch the masses with our new campaign", a representative from Coca-Cola said. "We thought that both Gary and Yang had unique voices that evoked a sense of happiness, so we asked them to narrate the ads".

The New Year episode has already been broadcast, while the family and lovers' episodes are set to air in February.

Gary belongs to popular K-pop act Leessang while Yang is a female guitarist and folk singer who shot to fame in the 1970s.

Yang's songs have been popular for carrying messages about democracy and her music has in the past been heralded by many pro-democracy movements.

Source: koreajoongangdaily

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