[News] Han Ga-in "I usually cook and do the laundry at home"

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Actress Han Ga-in spoke about her home life.

On January 11th, the actress made a guest appearance on the SBS TV program "Midnight Entertainment TV" and honestly answered questions in the Star Interview corner.

When she was asked about her first love, she said, "I had my first love when I was twenty and I debuted at twenty-one".

When she was asked what she usually did at home, she answered, "I usually cook, do the laundry, clean and other chores. I'm very busy. Sometimes I want to rest after work but the chores need to be done".

When she was asked to pick a part of her face she likes the most, she said, "I like that my pupils are dark and big".

When she was asked if she would get rid of the spot on her nose, she said, "I got rid of moles everywhere else but they told me to leave the one on the nose the way it was. I think it'd be funny if I got rid of it now".

About her alcohol consumption, she said, "I am a good drinker. I drink a lot but don't get drunk too easily. I like soju mixed with beer the best".

Meanwhile, interviews with Uhm Tae-woong from "An Introduction to Architecture", Lee Je-hoon and Miss A's Suzy were shown on this day's program.

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