[News] IU writes theme song for "Hong Jinkyung's 2AM radio"

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IU composed a theme song for KBS Cool FM 'Hong Jinkyung's 2AM' radio as promised during the live radio broadcast back in December last year. She agreed to compose the theme song without hesitation during the show, to which the listeners responded enthusiastically. She also promised to produce the song within the month of December.

On Jan 12th, the theme song IU composed was released through the live broadcast of 'Hong Jinkyung's 2AM' radio. IU also wrote the witty lyrics to the song by herself and complete with her own guitar recording in the song. She also added a comment in the lyrics, apologising for her tardiness, bringing laughter to Hong Jinkyung and listeners of the radio show.

Source: Joynews24, Newsen
Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu

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