[News] JYP to quit alcohol for 100 days

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Founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young, publicly vowed to abstain from alcohol for 100 days.

On January 16th, JYP updated his me2day and wrote, "We had an outing with movie staffs after a 4-day trip to Seoul, LA, Vegas and Busan. I only had a glass of beer each night but I passed out in bed without even washing myself. I promised myself never to get drunk again. To discipline myself, I will quit drinking for 100 days until April 23rd."

The producer is currently filming his first movie, "Five Million Dollar Man" and participating as a judge on SBS "K-Pop Star". In addition, he also headed to Las Vegas for the Wonder Girls' "The DJ is Mine's" showcase. Due to his tight schedule and fatigue, being affected by alcohol was apparently too much for him to handle.

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