[News] Lee Kyung Shil, “I chill with Park Bom’s mother at the sauna everyday”

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Lee Kyung Shil showed off her connections with G-Dragon and Shin Sae Kyung.

On the 14th broadcast of MBC ‘Quiz that changes the world’ Lee Kyung Shil commented “I’m close to parents of G-Dragon and Shin Sae Kyung. I knew them since they were young”.

She continued “I did ‘BboBboBbo’ in the past and G-dragon and Shin Sae Kyung came out as child actors. I still keep in contact with the parents”.

To this Lee Kyung Shil stated “I play with 2NE1 Bom’s mother at bath house everyday. I was so surprised when she told me she was Bom’s mom, she looks nothing like her”, making everyone in the studio burst into laughter.

Note: Lee Kyung Shil is veteran actress and gag woman having appeared on many of the top variety programs in Korea. She most recently was in last years, popular drama, “Romance Town” and had a cameo on “The Best/Greatest Love”.

Photo Credit: MBC Capture
Translated by: Kpopstarz
Reposted & Edited by tazanya @ygladies.com

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