[NEWS] MBLAQ confesses "It's Burdensome, We Shouldn't Damage Rain's Reputation"

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Source: Nate ; MBLAQChina
Translated/Reuploaded: crispee@mblaqattack.net

MBLAQ, in a recent interview while recording their appearance on Mnet MIC, revealed their thoughts about their sunbae and president, singer Rain.

MBLAQ said, "We have always respected Rain very much. He is an outstanding all-rounded artist. In the very beginning, we prepared for our debut, holding him as our goal toward success, but we found that after we debuted, even though we didn't smear Rain's name, but we are really too far away from him.

When asked about which member was most popular in different countries, G.O said, "Lee Joon is very popular in Japan. Mir, maybe because he looks like Ronaldo*, is very popular in Brazil. Seungho and Thunder are very popular in Taiwan and Thailand, as for milky-skinned me, I'm popular all around the world."

Furthermore, Seungho also revealed that he's putting in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to diet, "While preparing for this time's new album I also started dieting. Because I was too hungry but was afraid to eat, I sang every line with blood, sweat, and tears in these tracks. But the results of dieting are very good, my V-Line has come out.

The special recording of MIC with MBLAQ, including talk about the preparation for the new album, interesting incidents behind the scenes of broadcasts and funny incidents with their overseas fans, will be shown on the 15th.

T/N: Ronaldo is a very famous retired Brazilian soccer player.

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