[news] Nine Muses wants to show more music and style diversity with comeback

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Girl Group 9 Muses wants to show viewers more of what they've got. Members of nine muses confessed that they want to show more diversity to their viewers. Nine Muses recently revealed their new song "News" and they will be making their comeback performance in KBS Music Bank after four months of hiatus.

After a long break period, the members practiced hard for their comeback and their goal on their comeback is to show a different side to their group. The members feel that they are always being stereo-typed as models and with their comeback they want to show a more stronger and better image on stage with their music, style and performance.

Members agreed that they are known for their sexy concept and that the fans like their sexy concept, but this time they want to show more than just their "sexy model image" so they practiced hard on choreography and improved their performance.

With their comeback song, it has been receiving a good feedback from viewers with an improved 9 Muses, they will be having a tight schedule promoting their new song "News".

Source: Nate news

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