[news] No make up Hyosung look's like BEG's Gain?

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Secret member Hyosung recently shared a secla via twitter on the 13th of January saying, "Im finally back in Korea. You know what? I was born on a 'Friday the 13th' I was born on October 13 1989 and it was friday but I do not mind about that, I am not scared and I do not let it affect me".

Along with her tweet was a selca where you can see her 100% make up free face. On stage, Hyosung is a gorgeous girl, but off stage without make up, she still remains beautiful and shows off a cuter charm. However, when fans first saw her picture they thought it was Gain of Brown eyed girls.

Netizens commented, "Hyosung without make up looks really cute", "Af first I thought it was Gain", "She resembles gain with no make up".

Source: TV Report

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