[news] SHINee's Minho wants to do both singing and acting

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Recently, SHINee's Minho attended the press conference of the latest SBS sitcom "The Salamander Expert and the Shadow Operation" where Minho made his acting debut. On the press conference, a reporter asked him, "Which do you like best? singing or acting?" Minho answered this question with "By asking that its like your asking which I like better my mother or my father" Minho laughed showing his desire to do both singing and acting in his career.

Minho also shared that he expressed interest in acting for a long time already, however his acting debut kept getting postponed until finally he landed a role on the new SBS Sitcom. Minho shared, "My character for the show is a very serious character, while acting sometimes I could not help but laugh, my character is very chic and cool and I had a lot of fun filming".

He also admitted that at first, it was very challenging at hard but his seniors helped him and made him feel comfortable during filming. He said, "I would make mistakes often at first but step by step I learned and I hope I will gain more experience starting with this show".

Meanwhile, "The Salamander Expert and the Shadow Operation" will be making it's first broadcast on SBS On the 27th of January.

Source: Star Today

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