[Photo] Teen Top, "We're the true fashionistas"

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Teen Top shared their unique fashion style.

On January 12th, Teen Top uploaded a photo on their official me2day with captions, "C.A.P and Ricky in deep sleep! Even when they sleep they don’t take off their sunglasses as if they were conscious of the camera around them! Teen Top members who never forget about the sense of fashion even during their sleep. Reporting from the greenroom, Changjo."

In the photo, members Ricky and C.A.P seemed a bit knocked out and lying in the floor. The two boys are sporting a pair of sunglasses even while taking a nap.

Netizens commented, "I want to see the rest of them dead asleep", "They’re true fashionistas", "I don’t think the sunglasses are for fashion. I think they’re using it as eye masks".


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