[video] three new MVs from people you haven't heard of!

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Three vastly different MVs this time around. Hopefully this post has something you like! First up we have Sool J's new MV, Men Also Cry, featuring Xing leader White/Lee Soo Hoon! (There's a brief kiss, so fans, you've been warned.) We then have pop punk band Shin Ga Ram (신가람) with Sad Radio. And to top it all off Maboos & J'Kyun & J-Kwondo got together for ATTD (Attitude) in order to promote the clothing website ATTD.

Sool J (술제이) - 남자도 운다 (Men Also Cry)

Shin Ga Ram (신가람) ─ Sad Radio (슬픈라디오)

Maboos & J'Kyun & J-Kwondo - ATTD (Attitude)

source: urasiansourceKpop @ youtube; omonatheydidnt

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