[Video] Yunho kisses Go Ara

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Warning for fan girls (including me, actually)! If you get heart attack easily, you better stop here. Although I'm sure you're curious of what to come, at least I was. I was curious to see how Yunho kisses. It seems he's a good kisser. He got this kiss scene on his drama "Heading to the Ground" just with one take, after all. To be honest, I envy Go Ara. But I must say they're a cute couple, aren't they? Please don't kill me, I'm also a Yunho fan ^^ Now be prepared to see how Yunho confesses his feeling to Go Ara and kisses her at the end of this clip. Would you want Yunho to kiss you, or Jaejoong, who had a kiss scene with Han Hyo Joo on Heaven's Postman?


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